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Table 1 Previous literature of brainstem tumor-related parkinsonism

From: Clinicoradiological changes of brain NK/T cell lymphoma manifesting pure akinesia: a case report

Authors [*] (years) Age/gender Histological diagnosis Tumor location Onset form L-dopa treatment
Gherardit et al [9] (1985) 59 years/male B cell lymphoma Midbrain, thalamus Acute Excellent response
Cicarelli et al [10] (1999) 39 years/female Astrocytoma Pons, midbrain Unknown No response
Yoshimura et al [11] (2002) 63 years/female Astrocytoma Midbrain Chronic Excellent response
Lin et al [12] (2010) 81 years/male B cell lymphoma Midbrain Acute No response
Hatano et al [13] (2011) 70 year/male B cell lymphoma Midbrain, hypothalamus, pineal body, thalamus, pallidum Acute No administration
Wächter et al [14] (2011) 74 years/male Astrocytoma Pons, midbrain, thalamus Chronic Moderate response
Present patient 68 years/male NKTL Pons, midbrain, cerebellum cerebral white matter Acute No response
  1. *Reference number.
  2. Complication of obstructive hydrocephalus.